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10 Super Profitable Side Hustles That Could Become Your Main Gig

Many people supplement their income with side hustles. It’s a way to make money outside of a main job or to use free time to pick up a little cash on the side. These gigs often have more flexibility and allow people to pursue different ventures. Those are definitely an added value, made even sweeter due to the extra earnings.

These side hustles have been profitable for some, making people rethink their main job and try working these gigs full time instead. Here are some of the more profitable side hustles that may lure you into changing your career course.

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1. Online tutoring

The increasing use of video calls has opened up more avenues for online tutors to teach from anywhere to anyone in the world. There’s a need for students to gain access to professionals in any number of subjects, making this one of the awesome side jobs for teachers.

As a tutor, you are able to set your own rates and own hours. If you want to move your online tutoring to a full-time gig, think about boosting your hourly rate, especially if you’re fluent in specialized subjects and can charge a premium to help students in your field.

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2. Driving for a ride share

Ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have become more popular, particularly in areas that may not have robust taxi services. You could earn extra cash during peak times or offer services at higher premium levels depending on your vehicle, which could make this lucrative enough to become your main gig.

However, when starting a business venture in ride sharing, remember to take into account any additional costs associated with wear and tear on your car or changes in gas prices.

3. Baking

If your baking gets rave reviews from friends, and you’re making a bit of cash on the side…


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