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15 Popular Items Trader Joe’s Discontinued In 2022

The product recommendations in this post are recommendations by the writer and/or expert(s)
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If you’re wandering into a Trader Joe’s for the first time, you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by sheer possibility. However, the seasoned vets of the neighborhood grocer might look at the shelves and immediately spot gaping holes where their favorite products used to be.

While Trader Joe’s sporadically prunes (mostly) underperforming items, sometimes even cult favorites aren’t safe from losing a spot in the store. According to Real Simple, there are few reasons the retailer could discontinue your favorite products.

There are certain products that have a small but dedicated following. That’s not always enough for the company to keep them around. Items need to sell well across many locations in order to justify the dedicated shelf space.

Marketing VP Tara Miller explained on the brand’s podcast that “when a product doesn’t work… [the] Trader Joe’s business model dictates that the team should ‘develop something new that might sell better and make more customers happy.'”

The other factor is the recent supply chain challenges. If there’s an issue with some of the product’s ingredients, Trader Joe’s might have to bid a bitter adieu to the item altogether.

Matt Sloan, another marketing VP, said on the podcast episode, “[A product may be discontinued] if there are quality issues or if we determine that the value that we once had is no longer as strong—if we are facing different competitive pressures on a given product.”

To that end, here are all the products that left Trader Joe’s this year. We’re hoping this list will…


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