6 dos and donts for influencer recruiting

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Influencer Recruiting

Why You Should Recruit Influencers to Your Affiliate Program Influencer Recruiting: 6 Do’s and Don’ts DO Find the Right Audience DO Keep It Real DO Track Your Successes (And Failures) DON’T Outsource Your Tech DON’T…

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4 reasons your tech startup should use affiliate marketing

4 Reasons Your Tech Startup Should Use Affiliate Marketing

What Affiliate Marketing Is Why Your Tech Startup Should Use Affiliate Marketing (4 Key Benefits) Affiliate Programs Can Help You Generate More Leads and Sales It’s Affordable and Easy to Start and Manage an Affiliate Program You…

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how to create affiliate resources for the customer journey 4 steps

How to Create Affiliate Resources for the Customer Journey (4 Steps)

Understanding the Customer Journey Awareness: Your customer becomes aware of your brand as a potential solution to their Research: During this stage, a shopper is looking more deeply into their purchasing Conversion: In the conversion stage, the customer…

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how to advertise your affiliate program and find awesome affiliates

How to Advertise Your Affiliate Program (and Find Awesome Affiliates)

Why You Need to Advertise Your Affiliate Program How to Advertise Your Affiliate Program (3 Key Tips) Start With Your Fans Reach Out to Top Performers in Your Niche Promote Through a Third Party Conclusion Start with…

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how to set up a small business marketing strategy 5 ideas

How to Set Up a Small Business Marketing Strategy (5 Ideas)

Perhaps your marketing plan seems tired, so you’re on the hunt for a new tactic to infuse some much-needed energy back into the Fortunately, there are tools available to help you reach customers and provide incentives for them to…

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how to make an affiliate link in 3 steps

How to Make an Affiliate Link (In 3 Steps)

Fortunately, the process can be quite By using our Easy Affiliate plugin, you can create unique (URLs) without much In this article, we’ll introduce you to affiliate Then, we’ll take you through three steps to create personalized…

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