how to manage underperforming affiliates 5 tips

How to Manage Underperforming Affiliates (5 Tips)

Why Underperforming Affiliates Can Be a Problem for Your Company Why Affiliates May Be Falling Behind (It Could Be You!) Your commissions are too As a businessperson, you know it’s Money If you affiliates don’t feel like…

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5 top ecommerce customer pain points and how to fix them

5 Top Ecommerce Customer Pain Points (And How to Fix Them)

Offering Only One Payment Option A Long Checkout Process Slow Customer Support (Or Lack of It) Email: If you receive a support request via email, you should make it clear how long customers will have to wait…

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how to convert more affiliate traffic with an optimized our services page design 4 steps

How to Convert More Affiliate Traffic with an Optimized “Our Services” Page Design (4 Steps)

The Benefits of an Optimized Our Services Page How to Convert More Affiliate Traffic by Optimizing Your Our Services Page (In 4 Steps) Step 1: Create a Dedicated Space to Highlight Your Services Step 2: Write Convincing, Sales-Oriented Copy Step…

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how to recover from a google penalty 2 methods

How to Recover From a Google Penalty (2 Methods)

We’ll discuss what Google penalties are and talk about the impact can they have on your search engine optimization We’ll then show you two ways to recover from these We’ll give you some advice on how to avoid…

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new feature monsterinsights now includes easy affiliate data see video

New Feature: MonsterInsights Now Includes Easy Affiliate Data (See Video)

What Makes This New Feature Awesome? MonsterInsights: Google Analytics Made Easy  Visitor The Audience Report gathers useful information about your site visitors, such as their age, gender, where they’re from, and Visitor The Behavior Report maps a…

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5 proven ecommerce business ideas to try now

5 Proven Ecommerce Business Ideas to Try Now

Online Courses Smart Home Products Beauty Products Focus on a specific line of beauty products, or… Promote several options that target a unique problem customers might Eco-Friendly Products Affiliate Marketing Conclusion Online courses Smart…

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5 digital product store features you must have to make more sales

5 Digital Product Store Features You Must Have to Make More Sales

An Easy Checkout Process Reviews and Ratings Product Filtering An Affiliate Program Wishlists Conclusion An easy checkout process: Making the checkout process easier with digital wallets like PayPal and a service like Buy Now Plus…

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