jvzoo vs warriorplus vs easy affiliate all you need to know

JVZoo vs WarriorPlus vs Easy Affiliate (All You Need to Know)

Features for JVZoo vs WarriorPlus vs Easy Affiliate Features: JVZoo Features: WarriorPlus  Split testing Unlimited upsells and downsells Pre-launch settings for attracting “early bird” traffic to your site The ability to add IDs to your links to better understand your…

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how to create a high performing affiliate program in 4 steps

How to Create a High Performing Affiliate Program (In 4 Steps)

Why You Might Want to Make an Affiliate Program How to Create a High Performing Affiliate Program (In 4 Steps) Step 1: Do Your Research Step 2: Design Your Incentives Step 3: Recruit Top-Tier Affiliates Step 4: Monitor Your Progress…

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5 top skills to look for in an affiliate marketer

5 Top Skills to Look for in an Affiliate Marketer

Problem Solving Evaluate and understand problems on their own Find and implement appropriate solutions Prioritize needs and recognize what is and isn’t essential Creativity Communication Empathetic: Understanding pain points, and how to acknowledge and address them, helps…

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how to identify the most important affiliate marketing kpis

How to Identify the Most Important Affiliate Marketing KPIs

Why KPIs Matter in Affiliate Marketing 5 Affiliate Marketing KPIs You Need to Monitor Conversions Not paying affiliates enough to encourage them A poor crop of affiliate marketers Issues with your products or services Clicks Revenue and…

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why first party cookies are the future of affiliate marketing

Why First-Party Cookies Are the Future of Affiliate Marketing

An Introduction to First, Second, and Third-Party Cookies First-Party Cookies vs Third-Party Cookies Why First-Party Cookies Are the Future of Affiliate Marketing Opt-out message on the nu company website How to Prepare Your Affiliate Program for the Cookieless Future Conclusion 

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5 tips for effective online reputation management with statistics

5 Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management (with Statistics)

Why Online Reputation Management Is Crucial for an Online Business 5 Compelling Customer Service Statistics Customers will act on their experience with According to a study by Zendesk, 40% of customers choose to move their business to a competitor based…

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how to run a successful digital product store 5 key tips

How to Run a Successful Digital Product Store (5 Key Tips)

Why a Digital Product Store Is an Effective Business Model 5 Key Tips for Running a Successful Digital Product Store Have a Well Designed Storefront Provide a Simple Checkout Process Advertise on Social Media Offer Promotions…

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