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25 Businesses You Can Start For Less Than $1,000 in 2023

It doesn’t need to be expensive to start a business. There are plenty of industries and types of startups that require very little upfront. If you only have a small amount to spend or just want to turn a profit quickly, here are a few business ideas you can start for under $1,000.

Can You Start Your Own Business for Less Than $1,000?

Yes, many business and consumer services can be offered with very little upfront cost. Even some product-based businesses don’t require much capital. Most successful business owners that start with under $1,000 do so with online business ideas, like VA services, affiliate marketing sites, or dropshipping businesses.

Businesses You Can Start With 1000

If you’re looking for small business ideas that don’t require much upfront capital, here are several options to consider.

1. Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketers earn income by posting advertising and affiliate links on their own websites. Each time someone clicks through one of these links and makes a purchase, the site owner gets a small commission. There are tons of business niche examples within this field. You can share anything from clothing and decor products to software and services for a business-to-business market. You just need a website or active social media accounts and relationships with brands that offer affiliate programs.

2. SEO Specialist

Many companies hire SEO businesses to improve their visibility on search engines like Google. This is generally a fully online business. So you just need a website and some expertise to get started. It may also help if you have existing experience in this area and contacts with other business professionals. Otherwise, you may need to invest in some online advertising to get your first clients.

3. Catering Business

A catering business doesn’t require a physical location. So…


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