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5 Ways For College Students To Make Money On Writing • Thumbwind

College can be costly, so it’s great to have marketable skills to earn money. Writing is one of those skills, but sadly, few people can make money. This can be blamed on a lack of time and experience. However, this article aims to defeat these two challenges by providing five simple-to-follow tips on how to make money on writing as a college student.

How College Students Can Make Money While Writing

If you’re a college student with creative writing abilities, then you’ll want to consider these 5 ways to earn money with your skills while in college:

  • Running A Blog
  • Guest Blogging
  • Affiliate Writing
  • Freelancing
  • Providing Coaching Services

Running A Blog

There are many reasons people create blogs, which range from being a creative outlet to a fun way to discuss social topics openly. However, another popular reason for blogs is that they are a great way to make money and do what you love simultaneously. After creating a blog, you must learn how to monetize it. This will allow you to employ various techniques such as advertisement. If the quality of your blog’s content is excellent, you’ll see an increase in readers and, as a result, your income. As time goes on, you might even decide to open more blogs and hire writers to help create more content.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is where a writer is invited to write on a blog they don’t own. It’s a way to provide content and visibility on the writer’s work and talent. Many blogs and websites often hire multiple guest bloggers as it’s a good deal for both the writer and the blog. You might even get paid for guest blogging in many cases, but this will always depend on your arrangement with the blog.

Affiliate Writing

Affiliate marketing is where you are tasked with promoting goods and services, and each time a purchase is made, you make a commission. There are many ways…


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