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A Global Perspective on Partnership Marketing

By Helen Southgate and Kelly Ground

Tips and Insights to Help Business Leaders Expand into New Markets in Today’s Fast-Changing eCommerce Environment

Covid-19 marked a digital turning point. During the pandemic, consumers were forced to buy nearly everything online; e-Commerce surged and organisations raced to make more goods and services available online. Some experts even predicted e-commerce would completely replace brick-and-mortar stores. 

Fast forward to 2022: e-Commerce continues to evolve. Physical stores have reopened and emerged as a powerful tool for engagement. Retailers now have excess inventory they are looking to liquidate. Amidst a recession, consumers are looking for more bargains and deals.

As these market shifts occur, brands are adjusting their sales and marketing strategies. Partnership marketing has emerged as a key focus for organisations looking to grow their business.  But there are clear differences in adoption and approach across geographies. Understanding these variations can help brands make better, more informed decisions as they lean into partnership marketing to expand into new markets and find new customers. 

How Brands are Leveraging Partnership Marketing in Different Markets

Partnership marketing, refers to any outcome-based marketing partnership that can be scaled via digital technology. What sets it apart from paid search and other sorts of “traditional” online marketing and advertising is the use of partners, affiliates, and influencers who are compensated based on performance. The transparency of the performance model, the variety of partners, and the ability to expand globally are attributes of the channel’s success.      

While the fundamentals of partnership marketing are similar across the globe, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The execution and…


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