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A Guide to Writing Useful Content by Page and Article Type

Useful content (now known as “helpful”) is content that helps the user by providing a complete solution.  That means the person absorbing your content knows which product to buy, how to perform an action, complete a task, and most important the person does not have to look elsewhere for an answer.

Useful or helpful content does not mean you need to write every single detail on the page, include all variations or each related issue; you just have to provide the solution and if there are multiple sections, make it easy to navigate the page so the person can find it.

Note: If you create something to “feel good” like including a family trip for you to look back on in your electronics review blog, that is ok too.  Add a meta robots noindex, follow tag to the post and keep them to a minimum.

We’ve been using the guidelines below with our clients and affiliate partners for 15+ years. These techniques were mostly done for UX and CRO, so it is very good to see them being applied officially to SEO too.  SEO has always been a benefit our clients and partners enjoy.

Below you’ll find what we do internally for our clients and partners by page type:

Before I jump into the guidelines by page type, here is a list that applies to every page type:

Avoid generic statements, especially ones the reader already knows.
If they’re on a page to buy a camera lens, you don’t have to tell them camera lenses are used to take photos in the opening or that there are hundreds to choose from.

Do not over-optimize and include elements just because there is a chance you can get traffic.  Always include it because it benefits the visitor.
Make sure everything is factual or stated as an opinion when it is an assumption.
Answer all questions (this does not mean you need an FAQ).
Headers and intros are specific and direct, not…..

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