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A Pioneering Book Experiment on NFTs, DAOs, Generative AI, and the Metaverse

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and other Web3 technologies are set to transform numerous industries around the world. Some are already creating splashes in the financial industry and tech world.

Nadja Bester, Co-founder of AdLunam
Nadja Bester

While many have noticed the rapid rate at which these technologies are changing the landscape, Nadja Bester, host of the podcastThe Future of NFTs and co-founder of the Engage to EarnWeb3 investing platform, AdLunam, is first to announce an industry-shaking project for 2023.

Aptly named “Web3 Explained,” the project is the globe’s first completely immersive Web3 book experiment that will see Bester live test 12 brand-new applications for such technologies every month.

Since 2012, Bester has worked in the tech field, but when 2017 rolled around, she began her Web3 career as a blockchain journalist, penning articles With her recently announced project, the entrepreneur plans to display the extensive possibilities of Web3 technologies.

The savvy tester will showcase 12 applications utilizing DAOs, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and NFTs to provide coverage on Web3’s various uses. From community building to psychedelic research to marketing to publications, the technology has the power to change civilization. And Bester plans to show communities just how transformative Web3 could be.

Readers should expect to immerse themselves in the book from the very beginning, allowing them to experience the unfolding of the 12-month project in real-time and becoming the world’s first project of this kind. Nadja Bester…


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