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Accessing The Keys To Your Personal Crypto Space With OWNR Wallet

How amazing do you feel running your affairs independently?  Self-custodial Wallets allow users to serve as their own banker, storing “private keys” that allow you to securely access your blockchain -based assets. It has a combination of software, hardware, and common security measures, such as physical access too. There are several different self-custody wallets.

 They differ based on how they work.

  • Mobile WalletPaper Wallet
  • Smart Contract Wallet
  • Hardware Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet.

It’s simple to use a self-custody wallet. Using it is exactly like using a standard investing or payment app, but with more security. You Easily check your balance, see a history of your transactions, invest using DeFi applications, and send pals virtual money using this interface. You can even deposit crypto currency into the global Liquidity Pool by connecting your self-custody wallet to your bank.

The OWNR Wallet

OWNR offers a Self-custodial wallet that lets its users  buy and sell cryptos using their traditional bank cards. Like its centralized counterparts, OWNR does offer multi token storage limited to only 10 different assets at the moment and but supports buy and sell with over 60 fiat.

The decentralized wallet service has the same amazing ease of spending cryptocurrency as industry giants, but naturally without any custodial difficulties thanks to its own VISA-powered prepaid card.

The wallet is also growing institutionally, and it has an affiliate program and an API that let other platforms include services from cryptocurrency exchanges.

The regulatory compliance OWNR Wallet has is another feature (which many of its rivals lack). OWNR guarantees its 500,000+ users that it conforms with all KYC and AML regulations by being registered in 6 jurisdictions.

Although  OWNR appears to offer the ideal balance of decentralized and fiat…


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