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Adam Riemer Marketing Has Been Acquired

For immediate release:

Adam Riemer and his team have been acquired this December 2022; by their couches, families and local pizza shops.

Quote from founder Adam:

“I’m very excited for this acquisition.  We work hard all year for our clients, and I often find myself working evenings and weekends.  Being acquired for a week by my couch, and aided by local pizzerias, is the exact kind of fuel we need as we move into 2023.  The downtime will allow us to rest, and the pizza to refuel or brains, for a successful 2023 with our clients.”

Quote from Adam’s couch:

“Adam leaves an imprint that is hard to fill, but after having him lean on me for 5 years since I was purchased, I’m ready to cushion him as he makes the transition, and has a seat to enjoy a week of downtime.  I was built and framed to support this type of weight.”

Quote from the pizza shops:

“Cha Ching”

If you’re still reading this, our offices will be closed for some well-earned downtime.  We all hope you choose to do the same.

I’ve instructed everyone (including contractors) to take the week of the 26th through the second off to enjoy family time.  If they do check email, which they should not, they will only respond if it is an actual emergency.  If you need to get in contact with any of us, please be patient, we will be back in January.  There is backup tracking for all affiliate systems, and all accounts are well funded, so programs will be running smooth.

Everyone needs time off and we’re all people, you included (unless you’re AI), so I hope you take some time to relax and refresh for the new year like we are.

Thank you to everyone that hires us for digital marketing strategy, attribution testing, affiliate management, SEO and CRO services.  And a huge thank you to the affiliates, content creators, agency partners,…


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