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AdCombo Helped Marketers Increase the Volume of Traffic by 6,000% with Native Advertising

After AdCombo and Taboola had hosted the joint webinar about starting Native ads and maintaining a stable ROI in November, more AdCombo affiliates launched campaigns with Taboola, broadening their opportunities in affiliate marketing.

SINGAPORE, Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On November 1st, AdCombo and Taboola had the webinar “Starting Native ads: Hints on Stable ROI”. AdCombo was presented by Ella Mak, Head of Affiliate Department and Una Simich, Team Lead in Affiliate Department. Taboola’s representatives were Andrey Kravchenko, SMB Sales Lead, CEE & Israel and Mark Kiner, Senior SMB AM, CEE & Israel. Taboola is the largest discovery platform.


The experts talked about the steps to start promoting AdCombo offers on the Taboola platform, assistance that both AdCombo and Taboola provide, and optimization recommendations for a more stably profitable campaign.

Since that date, some AdCombo affiliates have requested access to AdCombo’s agent account in Taboola and already have first satisfying results. It is necessary for affiliates to prove their trustworthiness and show good performance in their other campaigns in order to be approved and allowed access to the account.

The affiliates who have launched their first native ad campaigns stated that the webinar information introduced them to Native ads, and the following support of AdCombo and Taboola managers enabled them to benefit from additional source with quality traffic. Mainly because the managers provided initial guidance during campaign planning and optimization under their professional control.

AdCombo has a long-term partnership with Taboola. Last year, AdCombo and Taboola summed up the results of connecting AdCombo affiliates to the Taboola platform. Multiple AdCombo affiliates have reached five-figure spends (a 6,000% increase) per…


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