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AdCombo Published Useful Info About Fraud in Affiliate Marketing and Ways to Combat it

Some participants in the CPA niche are ready to do anything for a quick profit, even fraud. Unfortunately, they do not realize that fraud hurts the whole sector of online sales.

To prevent cheating and minimize possible risks, people need to know different fraud ways so they can quickly spot suspicious activity and block it.

Types of fraud can differ, but all have a common goal: to provide illiquid leads and get a bigger payout.

Possible ways of cheating:

Creating multiple accounts in social networks is an essential part of the job for many affiliates. However, some affiliates use created accounts to complete target actions by clicking on their own referral links. In this way, they simulate the actions of real users and expect to get paid with minimal spending.

In this type of cheat created with special software, virtual robots perform target actions through user interfaces or imitate the actions of real users.

This way of fraud attracts real users who are not interested in the offer but in a small reward promised for performing target actions. The advertiser still can not work further with such leads, although they are real people.

Of course, there are other types of fraud as well. Furthermore, some affiliates may run low-quality traffic, which is also unacceptable for advertisers.

Affiliates can not make money with such traffic. All CPA networks check the quality of traffic. For this purpose, there are special anti-fraud services.

During the hold period, when all affiliate’s payouts are temporarily frozen, the quality of traffic is checked. It helps to protect users from fraud.

For example, in the affiliate network AdCombo, the hold period can take from a few days up to a month. It depends on the offer and an affiliate’s reputation. Thanks to such quality checks, all risks are reduced to a minimum.



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