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Affiliate marketing from the trenches

The show must go on… and we certainly are! Season 7 continues as we have another amazing guest on the show in Dustin Howes. Dustin is an affiliate management consultant, helping brands launch and run their affiliate program. Through group coaching and private consulting, Dustin teaches program managers how to recruit the right affiliates, optimize working hours, and how to take the growth of the program to the next level. Learn more affiliate marketing tips at Who else better to discuss the big world of affiliate marketing and what this means for the industry. 

Lee-Ann and Dustin have an amazing discussion about the ever-changing world of affiliates and even propose a challenge to all of you affiliate managers: 

  • Try a new campaign with $200 to re/activate affiliates in their program. Anyone who takes up the challenge and reports back to Lee-Annon their results gets the chance to win a media package for their business/affiliate program.

Check out some of the amazing insight that Dustin has to offer: 

Best tools for affiliate managers:

Checklist for creating a program:

My training course:

Listen to find out more about: 

  • How to amplify your performance in the affiliate world 
  • Relationship building and its importance in the industry 
  • Why marketing has become a huge factor in a successful program 

[04:00] – Listen to find out what kind of discussions you should be having with your affiliates before your program

[11:00] – Dustin discusses the first steps of any affiliate marketing program

[16:00] – Dustin distinguishes the differences between Ecommerce programs and B2B programs 

[33:00] – What are the next steps in the affiliate…


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