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Agencies, get ready for 2023: Why half of UK marketers are planning to invest more in affiliate partnerships this year

In recent years, the shift to ecommerce has brough about new ways to drive sales and revenue outside traditional channels such as search and display, making way for influencer marketing, social commerce and partner marketing. Niels de Groot, Head of Global Alliances for Awin Access, explains how partner marketing can benefit businesses in 2023.

In 2022, Awin Access welcomed more than 1,600 advertisers onto our partner marketing platform. These online shops are successfully driving sales and revenue to fuel their growth with an average ROI of 1:12.

Awin surveyed advertisers and agencies in the UK to understand how the partner marketing channel is perceived the channel and the value it generates.

The responses revealed a number of insights which explain why it’s growing in popularity and make it a must for small businesses in the current economic climate where companies’ ad spend is under so much pressure and scrutiny.

Partner marketing consistently delivers a strong ROI

As a performance-driven channel, ROI was valued most by advertisers and agencies in affiliate marketing activity, directly followed by sales volume and profitability. Small businesses are actively looking for sustainable and affordable growth; partner marketing enables online stores to manage spend effectively, drive incremental revenue and test digital activity, without impacting margins.

Maintain 100% control

Managing commissions, margins and the partners you work with is key to the success of any partner programme. CPA (cost per acquisition) continues to be the most common payment model. 95% of surveyed clients named this as the payment method used for their programme. Clients are impressed when they see spikes can be driven with the use of enhanced offers and working with a variety of partners.

It’s a naturally diverse marketing method

There are…


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