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AZ Big Media How to mix your career with travel: 16 tips from digital nomads

From researching the healthcare system to investing in a traveler’s mail service, here are the 16 answers to the question, “Can you share your best tips for others who want to mix their careers with world travel?”

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  • Research the Health Care System
  • Travel Off-Season
  • Try Planning Nonstop Flights or Minimize Layovers
  • Dream Big, but Be Pragmatic
  • Invest in a Mobile Hotspot
  • Be Prepared for Any Discomfort on Your Travel
  • Think About Where You’re Staying and the Budget
  • Gain Passive Affiliate Marketing Income
  • Watch Out for Complicated Tax Situations
  • Use a Co-Working Space
  • Build Income Streams Around Your Ideal Lifestyle
  • Always Prepare a Backup Plan
  • Never Underestimate Weekends
  • Sort Your Documentation, Then Your Budget
  • Get a VPN
  • Invest in a Traveler’s Mail Service


Research the Health Care System

As a digital nomad, it’s important to research the healthcare system in the countries you plan to visit. Make sure you understand how to access care, what type of insurance is available, and what coverage you might need. Be prepared for any potential health issues that could come up while you’re traveling.

I’m sending out this advice because my daughter, 3 years old, ended up in the IC with a heart rhythm disorder in a foreign country. She was a healthy kid, but it happened. This can happen to anyone. We have private insurance, yet we ended up in the state hospital, which was very traumatizing for her. 

Now we know how to get the right care next time, but this time we were in an emergency and not in a position to find a private clinic that could help us. Just make sure you’re prepared for a similar situation; it’ll make a huge difference, for yourself or your child.

Angie Makljenovic, Blogger & Content Creator, She Can Blog




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