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Business Reporter – Management – Why brands should blend their influencer and affiliate marketing campaigns

What are influencers and creators doing for your brand sales and profit? These trusted partners are known for driving top-of-funnel outcomes and are highly effective at increasing brand consideration but, unless an exclusive code is given, it’s hard to measure direct impact. This makes it challenging to understand how valuable your investment in influencer partnerships is.


According to research, 73 per cent of brands will operate influencer programs in 2022, with total global influencer spend surpassing £14.5 billion. The costs for working with creators are also growing as demand rises and these partners increasingly share details about what they earn from brands with each other.


Your business understandably needs to see significant ROI from influencer marketing to justify investment. And affiliate marketing is the perfect medium to do so. Here’s why…

It builds internal collaboration

Metrics and accountability are key to any partnership, and affiliate marketing offers your teams access to the insights needed. By integrating creator efforts with partner marketing, you can measure direct sales to increase influencer-driven purchases. Furthermore, you can optimise partner diversification, get quantitative insights on individual performance and marry sales metrics with the valuable top- and middle-of-funnel data for a holistic approach.


This cross-functional teamwork helps your organisation remove department siloes and be jointly accountable when working towards goals. Plus, many of the best campaign ideas come from collaborations across historically disconnected teams such as social, PR and affiliate.

It aligns with goals

Influencers often feel in the dark on a brand’s objectives and campaign goals. That’s never a good situation as, in the absence of goals, creators make assumptions about what you…


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