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Busting The Top 4 Business & Investing Myths

What are the most common misconceptions about investing and business? In the internet age, it’s easy for misinformation to spread like wildfire, so don’t believe everything you read in chat rooms or hear on your favorite podcasts. Note that most falsehoods begin innocently enough but quickly take on lives of their own. Here’s the reality of a few of the top myths that are making the rounds.

Transport Fleet Management is Fully Automated

The idea that vehicle fleets are operated by robotic and AI systems is prevalent outside the industry. But not only is the proposition untrue, but it also causes multiple wrong ideas about the transport sector in general. There are no robots or software apps that can drive trucks carrying tons of cargo.

Human drivers are a necessity. Among the many responsibilities of fleet drivers is understanding payload capacity, which is the highest weight that the vehicle can safely transport from one location to another. Without trained human drivers, trucks would be in jeopardy of overload, reduced braking distance, and excessive strain on vehicle suspension systems. If you oversee a fleet, drive a truck for one, or own a transport company, you can learn the core concepts about calculating vehicle capacity, the key differences between payload and towing capacity, and everything else related to the subject of fleet payloads.

Affiliate Marketing is Dead

The problem with myths about affiliate marketing is that people outside the industry make all sorts of claims that are unfounded and based on confusion of the term with MLM, multi-level marketing. While the two forms of selling have a few things in common, MLM tends to be an older, non-internet version of marketing. The modern system of affiliate sales is still growing rapidly.

The most common arrangement is for one person, the affiliate, to…


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