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Chat GPT – Hidden Opportunity For Affiliate Marketing And Content Creators Says

Classified in: Science and technology

Chat GPT: Will it take away jobs, change the face of the internet or even take on huge conglomerates like Google and other search engines – or does this provide a unique opportunity for affiliate marketing that no one is talking about. Marcus Campbell “the affiliate marketing dude” has a unique angle on exactly what is going on and how AI tools will help us conduct business online… plus a warning.

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla., Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Chat GPT: At first it looks like another AI help tool like AI art generators, video generators, or even a glorified AI content generator and many people will use the tool for these purposes.

But one affiliate marketer and web marketer who has been in business for over 23 years says there is a different approach that some people will use to make lots of money online during this revolutionary change in how we work and live in the online world.

Marcus Campbell of says:

In 2021 the internet saw the hype of web 3.0 with NFT’s that rose in price and fell just as quick, we saw crypto scams and everything that even hinted at web 3.0 to end up being a nightmare… or at least for now.

Is open AI’s Chat GPT another web 3.0 distraction or is it a game changer.

Well, Marcus (the affiliate marketing dude) says there is something different going on, and that while most people are going to use these AI tools for content creation, he will be using it for something else entirely.

Using Chat GPT to generate website codes to drive more traffic to affiliate offers and websites.

Using this method Marcus says that you can use Chat GPT to create simple codes to rank on the search engines and get massive amounts of traffic without having to keep a full time web developer on your payroll.

By simply…


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