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Cherrington Media Launches the Gold Standard in Affiliate

DALLAS, Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When the market is saturated with affiliate marketing programs backed by lofty claims and empty promises, Adam Cherrington puts his money where his mouth is by showing his students a system that actually works. That’s because Adam’s Method has been developed by a team of dedicated online marketing gurus who possess two decades of experience in the industry. 

Cherrington and his team don’t cut corners. They’ve worked very hard (as opposed to simply teaching), and they’re 100% devoted to staying 10 steps ahead of the curve in the affiliate marketing game. Experience has shown them that effort and consistency pay off in dividends. Earning six figures per month is very common practice when they take what they’re doing seriously and implement the tried-and-tested techniques they’ve uncovered. And, they’re ready to share with their students all of the little-known tricks of the trade they’ve picked up over the years.

As a $12 billion global industry, it’s hard to write Affiliate Marketing off as a dying trend.

After all, there’s a reason why more than 80% of brands rely on affiliate programs to increase sales. Nevertheless, the industry has changed, shifting Google algorithms have thwarted once savvy marketers’ revenue streams, and affiliate marketers who didn’t adapt were left in the dust.

Enter Adam’s Method. One of the many reasons why this method is so unique is that he’s been doing nothing but affiliate marketing via paid media since 2006, all without Facebook or Google. During this time, he and his team haven’t been bouncing from one trending opportunity to the next (e.g., Crypto or Real Estate). They’ve only focused on affiliate marketing. They’ve honed their skills, stayed abreast of the best traffic sources, and Cherrington has built proprietary software…


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