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Cloud Factory On Their 3D Printed Silver Jewelry

You would be surprised by the amount of original and delicate jewelry designs that are possible today using 3D printing, for example a ring with 7,801 diamonds! One player in the field is Cloud Factory, a company formed by professionals from different sectors that come together to help artists, creators, brands, gamers for the development of real jewelry thanks to additive manufacturing. With just an idea the team takes care of the design, 3D modeling, sending samples, packaging of your jewelry ordered with your brand logo … all without the need for a minimum order, or inventory problems. We interviewed them to find out more about their company and their production of unique silver jewelry in a sustainable way.

3DN: Could you introduce yourself and explain your link with additive manufacturing?

We are a team of very different people coming together from very different fields. Our founder Taavi has been working in the field of additive manufacturing for over a decade now – developing operating systems for FDM 3D printers and teaching students and fellow startups the benefits of 3D printing. Marek, the co-founder, has a PhD in powder metallurgy and before diving into the world of startups, he worked as a scientist at TalTec University in Tallinn to solve different problems with industrial 3D printers. I, Kati, the only female founder, worked in one of the biggest and oldest nightclubs in the Baltics as a marketing manager, dealing with different artist agents and promoters and keeping up to date with everything that the young people in the club like and are interested in. I also have a degree in creative entrepreneurship specializing in fashion design. And Erik joined us from the world of cryptocurrencies, investment gold and affiliate marketing. Together we perfectly covered all the aspects that our growing…


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