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Global affiliate marketing platform Awin on its strategy to support agencies Prolific North

How Awin works with agencies

“Previously, it was very focused on advertisers and publishers. Agencies didn’t have much of a place.

“I feel that’s really shifted and now they’re [Awin] really on board and we work really closely with them. We’ve got an executive peer network of agencies that we work and do roundtables with and get direct feedback from, based around them.”

Awin now has a raft of agency partners it works with which includes the likes of iProspect, Mediacom, eComplete and Leeds agency twentysix.

Brown arranges a ‘Northern agency tour’ twice a year, where she takes some of the agency team, publishers, and experts based on what’s trending at the time, to visit agency partners with offices based in the North.

“I much prefer going to the agency’s offices and presenting to their whole teams in person, you get so much more from it and it really builds up that partnership.”

From bespoke workshops to virtual webinars, Awin either works with an agency to introduce them to affiliate marketing and how the platform works, or tailor content and upskill agencies already offering affiliate marketing. 

“We have about 173 agencies in the UK currently that we have an active partnership with. They’re driving sales on the platform and that’s across about 600 to 700 clients. There’s quite a varied mix of size of clients or volume of clients that they look after so they could just have one or two programmes with us or one client has over 200 programmes.”

Programmes, she explains, are the different brands agencies look after and manage through the affiliate network.

Awin splits its agencies into four main categories. Large media agencies, which includes the likes of Mediacom and iProspect that might be part of a wider group; affiliate performance agencies; micro agencies which include consultants within…


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