Hogwarts Legacy – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Magic, both attractive
and also effective binds together our long background. That usual bond we share
is the tradition of Hogwarts. Currently it is time to add your own
story to these hallowed halls. and also fairly potentially shape the
future of the wizarding world. Every hallway, every picture, every rock in this castle
tells the story of witches and wizards
who came in the past. Here you will certainly satisfy
long-lasting friends and also become your
own wonderful abilities in the classrooms of the globe'' s.
most skilled teachers. And also while your trip.
begins at Hogwarts brewing potions, subjugating wonderful beasts, and mastering spells, there is a bigger world.
past these walls, a world loaded with dangers.
you can not yet imagine, and also old understanding long.
gone from this world. That unusual and mysterious.
talent you possess might be the trick to unocking.
The trip ahead will reveal what you stand for. The options you make currently will define the legacy.

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