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How Brands can Deliver More Value to Shoppers in 2023

Although there are signs that inflation is easing, higher prices and an uncertain economy continue to impact consumer behavior. Although many customers are “brand loyal,” given the economic environment, stressed consumers nowadays will most often make retailer and product choices with price as the main factor.

But what does price really mean? It doesn’t necessarily mean the amount on the price tag. Instead, there is an increasing focus on delivering more value for consumers, which can include other cost-reducing methods such as strategic discounts, targeted shipping offers, and rewards or cashback on purchases. National Retail Federation CEO Matthew Shay put it best, saying “Retailers are providing great products and experiences at the right price levels to help stretch household budgets.”

In general, retailers are experimenting with a variety of promotional components to convey value, reduce the actual cost of products and win the battle for the customers’ wallet. Loyalty programs, as well as strategically deployed marketing tactics, can help retailers win over hesitant consumers.

Today’s Consumer Mindset

Rising prices and an unstable economy are driving consumers to be more bargain-hungry than ever. Retail Dive reported on a Morning Consult survey which revealed that 85% of U.S. respondents said rising inflation had affected their shopping habits, which included  actions such as shopping at discount stores and consolidating shopping trips to save costs.

Meanwhile, in a survey commissioned by Wildfire, we found that 90% of respondents are more interested than ever in getting discounts, using coupons and earning cashback rewards when shopping online, due to rising prices.

Strategic Discounts

Consumers now expect personalized offers and content, based on the widespread…


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