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How Ontario’s new iGaming laws have affected affiliates

Ontario’s regulated sports betting launched on the 4th of April 2022, after months of regulatory framework planning. The move for the province to regulate itself and welcome local and international sports betting operators on the decision of the Canadian government was predicated to put the power in the hands of each province. This was the end goal set out by the passing of the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act.

This new approach to gambling legalization, which has been spearheaded by Ontario, has had a massive impact on the iGaming affiliate market in Canada. Below, we’re expanding on just how affiliate marketers have been influenced by a gambling market in flux. 

What changed in Canada, particularly Ontario?

Canada’s gambling market has been long steeped in murky uncertainty. While no laws out-and-out prohibit gambling on offshore bookmakers, there were no laws that made it clear that gambling on offshore bookmakers was legal either. 

Within this legal uncertainty flourished a varied online gambling market, with some of the world’s biggest betting brands having websites targeted to Canadian users. These sites offered promotions in Canadian dollars and even accepted one of Canada’s most popular payment methods, Interac, for deposits and withdrawals. 

So where is the issue, many may ask? The issue was the fact that the profits generated from online gambling in Canada were leaving the country unchecked and not taxed. This money could be used towards sponsoring a struggling Canadian Football League, or other sports leagues within the country, for example.

This was the thinking behind the development of bill C-218, which would later become known as the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act. To keep gambling money in Canada, so that profits could aid programs developed to help those suffering from…


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