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How To Buy An Online Business (& Where To Buy)

It’s no secret that the grind of startup culture can be difficult for many young entrepreneurs to overcome.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for any entrepreneur within the startup world is acquiring financing for your project.

While it may seem more costly to purchase an existing business, it can be more financially advantageous and help you escape debt quicker.

Additionally, purchasing an existing business is a great way for people to get involved in entrepreneurship without the stress of creating a unique or creative idea.

Like buying a franchise, many online businesses are turnkey and allow you to assume operations without making large changes.

With the explosion of ecommerce sales totaling over $5 trillion in retail in 2021, one area I recommend many new entrepreneurs turn to is online businesses.

There are millions of websites, apps, and software programs you can find for little cost and make incredibly profitable with minimal effort.

To help entrepreneurs get started, here’s an outline of the benefits of purchasing an online business and various avenues to find the best deal.

The Benefits Of Purchasing An Existing Online Business

Did you know that 18% of businesses fail in the first year, and almost half of all businesses fail within five years?

Unfortunately, startups are very risky endeavors, which is why many investors are reluctant to finance startups from young entrepreneurs.

While online businesses have the flexibility to reduce some of the risk and costs of overhead associated with a brick-and-mortar store, no startup is entirely risk-proof.

For this reason, purchasing an existing and successful online business can significantly reduce your risk, help you capitalize on your investment immediately, and get your feet wet in entrepreneurship.

The benefits of purchasing an existing online business…


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