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How to do affiliate marketing for bookmakers?

Affiliate marketing for sportsbooks is a lot of talk these days. But, how to take advantage of the advantages of this strategy so used by the gaming market? Affiliate marketing was born with the internet.

Today, the practice accounts for 15% of total digital advertising revenue, according to SoftwareFindr. The National Retail Federation also states that affiliate marketing appeared among the top forms of customer acquisition for 38% of marketers in Brazil.

Affiliate marketing numbers from abroad are also striking. Affiliate programs account for 16% of all e-commerce sales in the US and Canada, according to Business Insider.

Affiliate marketing considers four aspects: the affiliate, the company or brand, the network, and the customer. The process requires affiliates to promote the brand through various mediums. In this way, they earn a commission for every sale they make or for every customer they get. Therefore, the action benefits both affiliates and brands.

Generally, links or promotional codes identify who the partner affiliate is, and can calculate the amount corresponding to the commissions that will be paid by the online betting company. With the expansion of the betting market in Brazil, affiliate marketing is gaining more and more popularity.

What methods are affiliates used to promote bookmakers?

There are numerous ways to work affiliate marketing in practice:

Content on websites

Many professional or influential punters have successful blogs and portals, as they provide tips and strategies for other punters to improve their skills. Typically, these websites promote betting business using banners, posting news, information about promotions, products, etc.

Videos on youtube

Similar to content on websites, Youtubers also help generate quality traffic by promoting game-related items in video format and…


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