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How to Make Money and Get Paid With Instagram Reels

Since Instagram first introduced Reels in 2020, they have become a favorite feature of this app. These short-form videos that were intended to take over TikTok are much more than just a way to pass time. Thanks to their massive reach and rapidly increasing popularity, Reels are currently one of the best ways to make money on Instagram.

Yes, Reel monetization is real, and this option isn’t just reserved for celebrities. Anyone can have a piece of this pie if they are savvy enough. If you’re wondering how to make money and get paid with Instagram Reels, read on to learn about the methods you can try.

How to Make Money With Instagram Reels

Instagram constantly introduces updates that allow you to monetize your content and today, there are several ways to make money from Instagram Reels. Joining the app’s brand-new bonus program that aims to reward content creators can earn you from a few hundred to thousands of dollars monthly.

Even if you aren’t eligible for this program, you can use Reels to promote your business and increase your sales. If you don’t have a business per se, brand sponsorship and affiliate marketing are also great ways to complement your income. Read about each money-making method below.

Join the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program

Instagram has stepped on the gas when it comes to Reels and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Things are about to get serious, as the platform has announced that it will offer bonuses to eligible users for creating and posting Reels. This probably sounds like a dream job if you’ve been doing that anyway. Here’s what the process involves.

Step One: Become Eligible for the Reels Play Bonus Program

First, you’ll need to become eligible for Instagram’s bonus program. The program is still in its early phases and is only available in the U.S. At the time…


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