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How to Write a Good Affiliate Newsletter + an Example

A good affiliate newsletter encourages your affiliates to be active in your affiliate program AND builds their loyalty so they open more newsletters.  This is done by helping your affiliates make money, providing actionable items to grow their businesses, and provides strategies for short term bursts of sales and long term growth for your company.

Bad affiliate newsletters share a coupon or deal, which in many situations just hurts the company or brand.  There is an exception which is when an influencer or emailer shares the deal, but there is only so many times they can share your store in a year.  This is why now is the time to start adding value for your partners and stop sending coupons and sales.

Instead try sending affiliate newsletters with evergreen ideas, including/or trending topics and products for influencers, and strategies that grow your affiliates’ businesses. And you can use your company’s data as a way to increase the chance of success for your program.

i.e. If you know you sell a ton of blue widgets with the topic “how to fix a 123”, and this topic converts blue widgets at 5% on your site, let your partners know.  If you know the topic “best blue widgets” only converts at 3%, but the AOV is double, tell them this too.  And if you found specific wording leads to higher conversion rates and AOVs through PPC, share the wording and landing pages so your partners can drive more revenue.

Let’s start with what makes a good and a bad affiliate newsletter.  Next I share an example that I sent this month to a few of my programs. After the example affiliate newsletter you’ll find the thought process behind the content and how I follow up after.  This follow up area is advanced, and well worth the time to read.

A good affiliate newsletter:

Provides evergreen ideas to grow the…..

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