Mad World MMO First Impressions | Alpha Gameplay | New Cross-platform MMORPG

hello everyone and welcome back to another episode 
today we are going to try out for the first time   ever mad world from yandy soft into mmo it's a new 
mmorpg which looks super cool and it's something   you play in the browser i'm playing this game 
right now in my chrome like basically the chrome   browser it's insane so this means basically you 
can play this on any device it just needs to have   a browser you can basically play it on your tv 
your mobile anything it just needs a browser   and that's what we're going to try today it is 
from jandysoft um the english in the game is   pure translated from google translate it's 
alpha keep in mind it's alpha like it's super   alpha early al alpha so there might be some fun 
sentences but i think we should get to the game so   let's let's go ahead so it looks like we can get 
create a female male let's let's go with a female   we have different samples like let's move my cam 
down here we have like a sample one two three   four let's go with sample one detail settings oh 
then you can like choose a lot of different stuff   i see skin color or you can 
look like a demon or orc okay separation oh that's cool okay i actually want to look like a like a an orc do we have them oh my god yeah totally totally yeah yeah yeah so much   tattoo okay i only got one tattoo can we get 
some red on it like we need some for the horde yeah for the horde let's go that's 
actually quite nice i like that next   what's your name uh it's gonna be dwalin of course cool so now we have our first character 
called violin around this fire   and let's let's try out the game i mean 
what can go wrong and again i'm playing this   in a browser not a game installed 
on my pc it's purely a browser and it's first time i'm trying it like first 
time and it's alpha i don't even know if that   it has an nda but i don't find anywhere it 
says nda so we're just gonna try out and see   if they're gonna sue me for this very interesting keep in mind this game is not [ __ ] it's probably looks like we can use some kind of a nightmare   and keep in mind you can actually skip 
it but because it's first time you tried   and you all you all deserve the seed i i haven't 
done it again it's first time i tried this game but definitely look like some 
kind of a nightmare behind and you just move around right click hide in the pile of corpse in front of you okay always nice to hide in a bunch of cops that's a big fella i like i like the way it like changes like the perspective run away i like it i mean they they 
almost did it like a jump scare i mean   i'm used to playing horror games so and we fall off the cliff and it 
says survive you have to survive wait was it actually a nightmare   oh or what okay nice you can you can actually 
zoom a lot off so movement feels good i mean game actually feels quite good i mean 
it's it's in the freaking browser okay this game is definitely not for kids i probably have to mark this video as plus 13.

Holy moly but the characters are super nice mate okay they all got killed by some what you gonna do run run jandy soft presents art director park junior art joy jensen okay game design scenario then i actually get goosebumps by this holy moly   the music and the pictures 
are actually quite programming i like this intro i don't 
know why but it's super cool a hero with a sword and a baby am i the baby or am i the hero she's crying mad world i mean the name fits the game like 
the world has gone crazy director yoon cement okay that's a lot of people but i mean 
it's it's fair i guess in video games   you are pretty many people i've never 
developed a video game so i don't know i wonder when this skip button disappears 
like when when are we done with the tutorial   are we okay we are now okay okay let me just 
try to set my webcam in a quiet okay position i think i think we might be best over here yeah just above the spells like yeah because 
i think there's like a shadow here yeah   so it doesn't make sense to have me on that   okay so here we are we have like a 
return to town pets p state options cool like a lot of things graphics 
like you can choose what aspect   don't want to mess with that right now grab 
settings auto collect active okay items drop   by me can be automated controls account 
dungeon reset that's like in a wow choose your language okay set for jumping x for okay then you use like 
stamina up there so you have like stamina   health mana i see okay what else did we had 
like um character sorry i'm still a bit sick   okay this this reminds me of another game i've 
seen this this is cool we have even stat points   we can use we have a lot of items we can put on 
um skill master request battle zone okay need to   be level 20.

Cash up so that's going to be some 
kind of cash up where you can probably buy skins   and gold and stuff like that party emote list 
player store options pits select person okay cool you move around with right click by the 
way an attack would left click or space hey something's coming hmm you missed wait wasn't it you who shot haha shoot well fennan these days are often 
miss aren't you tired venom it's because of   those terrible monsters if you take your eyes off 
you don't know when to rush in it keeps buffering   me i think i'm going to lose my mind i want 
to go back inside the campsite hey there you   go who are you i think it's still i think it's 
still alive ask about the inside of the wood   talk about what happened what happened i don't 
remember anything those corpse rushed in and came   and you want to catch your brave in here right   however in the end it is the situation of 
outsiders there's no reason for us to care   i don't think you'll be able to rob instead 
of me i don't think it'll help the campsite   i feel the same way this guy become useful i 
think it's only when i i died what do you think   let's keep it a secret from the blood lady it's 
been a while since the three of us were full huh hey look over here uh oh what's wrong with them all of a sudden we don't 
usually come together like that hey fellaini   keep this place safe i'll let you know inside 
wait what what we don't have enough people to   stop them we'll be right back let's go keeper 
i got it hanging there until we get there panel   why is this happening it's all because of you yes 
it happened on your way here take responsibility   isn't that still useful the crossbow on the floor   pick it up and check it out come on okay taking 
the crossbow pressing i putting on the weapon clicking on the monsters oh if you press space it just 
automatically attacks one of them more people are coming don't come you can't send 
it inside crap crap crap hey you take this please   don't let me come all the way here okay so he just 
throw his sword on me switch weapon take on sword cool attack attack there you go did you finish it all is he alone there's no more coming right sick i'm glad 
paper it's must be useful then it looks   did you say you lost your memory that's what 
he said that's what he said looking at your   condition right now even before you get lose 
your memory i don't think it was a good situation   it's think too hard because it's 
annoying so do you want to come in here saying that he wants to go in keep in mind 
all these like is english translation still   translates so they need a 
proper person to go through them   since he's good julie wouldn't say much eva okay 
wait a minute i'll clean up the table for you and here it's just beginning of a hardship 
of the heart ship i think he means friendship asking what to do now my role ends here i'm 
not a babysitter i'm a gatekeeper do you   do your own care if i don't have john's role 
later on you can use your strength you can use   your strength so you can do it for me anyway 
i'm glad i came to the dark campsite here   work hard and become a good worker 
or you won't be able to be here soon okay so think i just got a level stat points okay so cool you can increase your 
design ability by clicking the plus uh we'll handle weapons better by the number 
attack caller increase physical on magic well you'll be better def and defended by this 
number depending on the type of armor you wear   you can physical matching so this is like both 
for like caster and non-caster but down here   physical is oh maximum health maximum horsepower 
and horsepower i think they mean mana horsepower oh god okay um well let's uh let's just play like you know let's just 
go up in all of them like at the same time i don't know but i just i like the game   that's kenny hey kenny can we can we 
enable so we can see everyone's name   i i just like use right click to attack just left 
click on the mouse turning off water don't watch   other people's rights dropped item names always 
visible character information central always view   character information central display always will okay it's still hiding double 
person but okay no mine i like the game it's pretty cool for the release and it's a free 
is it's in a freaking browser how did you come in did you take advantage of that 
confusion then fandom already scored a goal right   i don't think so luda the 
most scream should be heard   fan energies naked 2 you got rid of 
all that moss it's harder to believe asking what to do you're already cursed 
about that then i'll teach you one thing   don't want something here for nothing 
because such silly thoughts don't work   if you don't know what to do just stay still 
then the yellow-haired lady will call you   hey keeper let's go on the situation chainsaw 
report again sure don't go talk nonsense again hello dude who is it you i've never seen your 
face huh you're a new employee and what's up   with his face now there won't be a role yet is it 
worse than the course piled up here talking about   the situation who doesn't have a story here who 
cares if you lose your memory or not we're all the   same anyway looking through disgusting corpse for 
the rest of my life don't you know life like that   don't you think so now they want us to 
go now we're a little busy right now well i mean i just asked what to 
do here don't be so hard on me bonfire i didn't want to even if you walk 
around like that no one will help you   to help others this world that's enough to help 
outsiders there's no here who who's relaxed ask   about asperger of the campsite i mean let me just 
play the game like i don't care about what to do what the hell ah that's pretty disgusting like a big monster 
where people are trapped inside probably growing   into the monster i don't know what you're doing 
with the dead body you took but we just follow   his order asking what to do if you want to 
survive here be strong enough to stay alone   until you get a role in campsite from julie the 
head of this place they're all taking their roles   but as you can see from i think i'm busy 
now then i look for a man named mcken   riley they keep opposite costs you can go 
on the campsite for look okay give me a roll okay okay moving outside the campsite okay 
so this is all people see i don't want to   see my own name that's that's annoying i 
think that's one of the things i enabled yeah there we go what's yours ask where i'm at 
is but ken while you're asking   me dad i'm sure they are watching 
a dead body somewhere over there quantity inspector meccan who for what proposed 
why only the body of a child um who are you i'm   not a campsite person where are you from how 
did it come where are we here why over here   where you're hungry is that why he took the body 
that's possible i fully understand so hurry up and   hand side talk about what's happened oh my i can't 
believe you went through that you must have had a   hard time i'm sorry what i'm in charge of isn't 
going well to people that never seen before so   ask what you're doing well we are instigating 
disappearance of body and child without family   and friends i need a lot of corpse these days 
and being collected disappearing if you don't   doing this you'll find living child it's time 
to send a collection ask about collection if   julie becomes a collection for the kids you say 
you're happy and comfortable i don't think so   who is this collection for it's not something you 
don't know yet so why did you come here well i'm   afraid i can't help you that's not something i can 
do for you the only thing that can give us a role   is julie is only leader of the campsite unless 
you're a really special case but just because   she gives a role never trust a religiously 
i think i think you're hiding something ah they speak a lot in this game go to julie uh julie hey what are you is 
is it the guy luda mentioned   asking about the situation you lost your memory 
so what what does that have to do with this place   this is a dark campsite if you can prove your 
usefulness you better turn it off here right away   asking for roll do you want to get a roll i 
heard that you use your strength all right   you go find a game night 
named loki it will take some   people to leave it to him if you finish your work 
well i'll accept you as a member of this place   or go to walter before you go we'll give you 
things you need then turn it off i'm a little busy the julie said that it must be tough take what's 
in the box there must be some things you need there we go you have a quiet consumable 
strike the consumables in pole oh oh there oh what's that oh that's 
like a wizard wizard's item so instead of the crossbow i can use a 
staff now cool and some new armor cool   finding a rooster outside the campsite there 
are many collections outside the village some   collect us some collectors can eat or cook some 
collections give beneficial effects okay cool who are you explaining what happened with julia okay we're gonna we're gonna skip a bit story now 
uh we're gonna you know just like play the game looking for his grandfather spiders you spiders oh man i'm dying i'm dying   hey spiders what about finding some fun oh 
you can you can shoot and run at the same time yeah i'm probably more into sword skill window oh so you learn you learn skills based on your weapon oh so that's a two-handed one and then that's 
one hand then we have ranger then we have   like a little crossbow a two-handed magic what's 
that frost fire electric uh oh that's one-handed   two-handed okay shield like shield abilities 
live oh so you can also be a healer in this game   and stuff that's cool i i want to get the 
two-handed weapon that's something i love okay get rid of spiders around you damn i mean the things with the abilities 
in this game that's that's so cool i like how chill the game is like i mean if this skill if 
this game has released like   i i could definitely see myself like 
playing it it it is so freaking relaxing oh that was my spell okay 
get back to the old man jade what's up with this guy i think that means he's a 
killer like he's a player killer go into the cave oh oh i think i just got a level yeah so this time i'm gonna go up in weapon yeah i think i'm just gonna go open like weapon uh maybe some of that and some more weapons if you haven't seen it my experience 
buys here at the bottom of the screen foreign whoops asking if he's the grandfather 
talk about blah blah oh a spider boss get rid of the predator i'm doing my best hmm tell your grandfather's last word to his baby wow it's back it's back 
instead of you back it's back   talking about what happens in cave 
kick it's over now good job thank you almost like he's happy for it let's go into the dark campsite 
a huge don't seen shining stone well i'm gonna deliver my quest first   talk about what happened blah blah blah cool 
now we've been nobody remember what's that going near the red headstone   i can feel the warm in my hand seems to try 
the tombstone you need to touch the tombstone oh see here you can actually like 
use your crystals to unlock spells i see now i have a spell for one 
hand sword and two hand sword let's take a look at the meat investigate saying thank you it hasn't anything oh look at this little punk he cheated me oh so that's like a welcome ritual that's a very odd welcome return excuse me are you okay i kind of want to know what what just happened 
chew it and swallow it you might get sick again   later ask him who it is leave him and i'm 
sleepy i'm just doing random things at the   game side you still bother you still bother 
new people it was like that when i first came   to the games type but not everyone is like that 
you'll probably find out after a little while   so what are you doing here you don't 
remember anything your name too it's like more people saying his name to allen is your real name dwalin asking why he'd been 
waiting for you it left somewhere people he   said he would come to find me so please wait until 
then so i have to survival nadel if i die i can't   see you again but it was written on the note left 
by that person dwarlin there were other names but   there were different other names i told them 
to remember but by the change just in case   okay so shall we go now go to meet dealer walder hello mr bridge how are you i'm going to meet 
some rags are you done with your workout it   was to get ba x right it's too dangerous for you 
you can get a little some more distribution okay wait did i just go level i did more health man uh let's go let's deal more is damage 
like a daily quest she has i know huh you can express various emotions by slash back going to victor the carrier where did the corpse 
go it's uncle victor who met his rage is removed   points to what victor is wearing 
he says he doesn't have it   how am i close haha yes my clothes are wrecked 
himself please bear with though of taking this   away because it's the only on outfit i have 
that's why you're talking about rags right find mango in the pile space base please please please   mr victor i found it this is the old man's 
body oh yeah that's it as expected it was there moving outside the campsite well i'm 
just gonna see can i like buy a weapon purchase items no purchase items no that's a bank purchase items oh yeah uh two hand salt ah jesus it's way too expensive it's like it's 200 and i only have like 30 sell items sadly why why is everyone screaming 
oh we're gonna get attacked ouch oh dwelling what the heck is this talk to mc wait and then they just disappeared again fine tell the bears nest and move okay i guess we're gonna be the hero 
and you know go there and kill them okay find the nest of bear with x i think we should get rid of 
the bears around good idea okay it also picks up all the items that's good uh we have to kill more bears okay do okay so we kill 10 of them and then destroy 
male bear that's the mail though the alpha cool ask about mom uh yeah i might wait with reading more quests 
in on like until they like oh my god   oh i stole an item oh no so because i stole stealing 
other players dropped item oh no so now people they can just kill me if they want   okay we're just gonna stay here 
and get some experience points so the small ones they don't give experience 
points but i think the big ones does yeah yeah the big one thus the small actually also gives 
it's just like a little bit delay okay it's my my debuff is 
often very like very soon there we go i think it's safe to go back now level we've got some new equipment 
see that's the one i stole oh i'm getting attacked by people don't kill me don't kill me i've done 
nothing wrong i've done nothing wrong okay deliver the quest to the chief that wasn't my meaning okay so we can use the better 
sword now can we do it well no i can't put it at all 
fans okay cool well i think   i think that's what is that was like the fun we 
are going to have in this game that was the first   impression of mad world new mmo by gendersoft uh 
i have to admit i actually have fun with it and i   can't wait to like progress get higher level get 
better items get better weapons scales and so on   um and for my alpha i think it's super solid game 
um and keep in mind this is played in a browser   in a freaking browser i still hope they're gonna 
make a version you can download so you have like   maybe something higher graph i don't know but 
you know you still have version you can download   um it's gonna be fun to see and right now they 
only have like a us server and i think a chinese   or japanese server um so because i'm playing on 
the uso i of course have a lot of high pings so   when i click it always like you can feel it 
has to wait before the latency goes up there   stuff like that but i hope of course when the game 
releases we're gonna have like a europe server so   it gets better yeah but all super satisfied by 
the game i think it's gonna get big this game   um yeah i think it will because there's 
gonna be battlegrounds pvp dungeons   raids everything we like yeah well thanks for 
watching everyone this was the first impressions   of mad world i have tried it now and i'm happy 
thanks for watching have a nice evening and bye you

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