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My Experience On John Crestani’s Course!

John Crestani created the Super Affiliate System to help people succeed in affiliate marketing and keep their money. 

What does the Super Affiliate System do? 
The Super Affiliate System is a course for affiliate marketers made by John Crestani. It used to be called the Internet Jetset System. The video-based course shows how to start a successful affiliate marketing business and make a good amount of money every month. John Crestani says that the strategy can help people earn more than $2500 per week. 

The training videos are mostly about paid advertising strategies and making funnels. John Crestani put the system on the market in 2015, and at first, it cost a lot of money. In recent years, the price has gone down a lot, so people don’t have to get into debt to buy it. 

Here is the working of this system:

Super Affiliate System has six parts. The creator starts by telling individuals how to set up their ads and affiliate links so they can make their first commissions. In this section’s second half, he teaches how to find and use the best affiliate networks. 

In the second half, Crestani talks about how to choose a specialty that fits people perfectly. He also has high-commission networks that allow affiliates to make 50% more than the others. In the last part, they will learn advanced marketing skills like copywriting and making effective pre-sells. One will learn the skills they need to make all affiliate marketing efforts more profitable. 

John Crestani will show people how to make extra money with Google Ads and Facebook Ads in the fourth section. The creator says that these two social networks are the best for social marketing. In the fifth part, they will learn how to use YouTube ads. In the last part, the sixth, people will learn about survey funnels. 

Besides the main…


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