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Perform[cb] Unveils Reimagined Marketer User Experience

SARASOTA, Fla., Jan. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Perform[cb], a leader across the outcome-based marketing (OBM) industry, launches a reimagined marketer user experience within their proprietary customer acquisition platform. Within the interface, marketers can now easily navigate campaign insights, analyze performance data in real-time, and uncover countless opportunities for optimization. 

Fully equipped with rich data, new widgets, and detailed visuals right at their fingertips, Perform[cb]’s revamped dashboard is meant to support marketers with the capabilities necessary to strategically scale customer acquisition. This new interface delivers highly anticipated reporting features, including drill-down reporting, click and conversion granular reporting, and dynamic custom reporting. With additional campaign insights and transparency, unmatched account support, and integrations for effortless functionality, marketers can now tie their ROAS directly into Perform[cb]’s platform. And all of this has been built onto their already award-winning technology suite, complete with a curated partner marketplace and patented fraud protection. 

“Having an in-depth, client-focused tech stack sets Perform[cb] apart from the rest. Our proprietary technology capabilities act as the engine that powers our marketers to acquire customers strategically, safely, and at massive scale – we refer to this as ‘always-on ROAS’,” says Lee Aho, EVP of Marketers. “As we look to the future of PCB, our innovative Outcome Engine development team will continue to deliver strategic optimizations and data-driven insights to exceed all marketers’ KPIs.”

“One of the biggest advantages of having an in-house platform is the ability to innovate and build custom capabilities as the result of direct client feedback. Revamping our marketer’s…


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