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PREDICTIONS 2023 Nine text marketing trends to watch in 2023

As we anticipate the end of 2022, customer demands are changing. There is a desire for instant and personal communication with brands they patronise and businesses are on their toes to provide ingenious ways to connect and retain customer loyalty.

SMS has now become the go-to channel for businesses to reach their customers with a proven open rate of 97% when compared to other channels. Many brands are finding new ways to utilize SMS to improve their overall customer experience, and marketing campaigns and the technology itself are constantly evolving.

It might be worth stating again that SMS will continue to grow in popularity and consumers will get more texts than ever before and more businesses are attempting to develop a more direct relationship with their customers by employing bulk SMS providers and adopting SMS marketing.

So let’s get this show on the road. We will explore rising SMS trends you should keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Your customers want you to talk to them

Text messaging is not only successful from a marketing standpoint, but according to Techjury, 75% of customers prefer to receive marketing offers via SMS.

Being able to interact with a brand and getting offers from your brand via text is fast and easy and it paves the way for better brand-customer relationships and transactions.

Kissmetrics founder, Hiten Shah sends a roundup of his favorite posts on content that include marketing, sales, and growth. Shah gives his readers content without them having to search for it online and he helps them do better, which adds a lot of value to his customers.

  1. Growth of transactional SMS updates

More Customers are choosing SMS for receiving purchase/order updates and brands can provide instant value through updates regarding the purchase order such as confirmation and…


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