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Promoted feature: AstroPay strengthens business with two new programmes | EGR Intel

Leonardo Alonso, head of affiliates at AstroPay, tells EGR Intel about the payment solution provider’s recently launched programmes and why they’re fuelling further growth for the business

EGR Intel: Can you tell us about your role as head of affiliates at AstroPay? What has been your main mission?

Leonardo Alonso (LA): Working at AstroPay is exciting every day. We don’t have boring days. We are a F1 team in which everyone needs to get their hands on the engine and oil in their face. We are very creative, always looking to develop new features for our users and partners as they are at the core of everything we do.

My main mission in the company is to manage a team of independent and high-performance professionals that are keen to take their careers to the next level and support the business to expand its traffic via our affiliates network.

EGR Intel: How has AstroPay grown since you started and how does your work contribute to the growth of the business?

LA: The company has seen triple-digit growth since I have started and keeps delivering on the same trajectory. We have a very powerful team. Everyone is keen to take the company to the next level and work on improving our collaborators’ experience and opportunities. We don’t take anything for granted, and we work on a collaborative basis with them. Our company culture is growth-oriented and that is why we specially select our partners. It’s an ongoing process.

EGR Intel: What are the biggest challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

 LA: In a company that is experiencing exponential growth, maintaining that path and finding new ways of fuelling that growth requires innovative and creative thinking. Our affiliate programme is a perfect example of that.

As the team grows, we need to make…


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