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Socially Ausome: The Go-To Digital Marketing Agency for Mompreneurs, helping them to grow and monetize their online presence

Socially Ausome is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in assisting mompreneurs. Socially Ausome aims to provide mompreneurs with the resources and tools needed to implement simple social strategies into their businesses. By utilizing the agency’s expert marketing strategies, mompreneurs can monetize their online presence and achieve their business goals faster.

Alyece Smith, a qualified expert in social media marketing and a mother of three children, is the company’s creator and chief executive officer. She was exhausted from always having the sensation that she needed to make a choice between caring for her children, one of whom had autism, and continuing her job. As a consequence of this, she left her career in corporate America and established Socially Ausome with the intention of assisting other mompreneurs in making money off of their online presence.

She named the company Socially AUSOME as a name play on being an Autism Family. It is spelled differently to encourage to show up on social authentically and uniquely. Her son Caiden is on the Autism Spectrum, and as an Autism family, they have learned to be unapologetically US. It was the inspiration and push she needed to start her journey in entrepreneurship. 

In addition to providing social media management, consulting, and coaching services, Socially Ausome also provides opportunities for public speaking by Alyece and company training. Within just six months, the company has made a name for itself as a reliable resource for mompreneurs looking to grow their companies and live a life of freedom. 


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