STAR WARS: The Old Republic – ‘Disorder’ Cinematic Trailer

Emphasis, Sa'' har. Wow … I know it is challenging to accept. The Pressure … … has chosen you.
and also all documents of it. Yes, Master Orr. Malgus … traitor. Go. Currently! Sa'' har … Is that you? You'' re far too late, Malgus. Emphasis, Sa ' har. I did it! Did you see? Wow … Will you be taking both kids? No. The brother shows
Sa ' har, no! I sense your past, Padawan … You can ' t take her! Your pain … Your fear … Ri'' kan!
and also Jedi preserve control. Revealing the methods
Sa'' har! Don ' t pay attention to him! Sa ' har!
your master just ruined? Sa'' har, listen to me. A device, built to find those
I ' ve only ever secured you! Sa'' har, I ' m sorry. When you'' re prepared … … damage cost-free.

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