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Understanding the Three Pillars of Affiliate Marketing for Tech Entrepreneurs

There is a misconception that affiliate marketing is an easy way for tech entrepreneurs to make money. People with social media followers simply view themselves using a product, or websites insert a link, and sales come rolling in. Yet affiliate marketing is tough. When done right, it needs perfect alignment between its three main facets: the customer, the marketer, and the company. Read on as we discuss the importance of each to the affiliate marketing tech entrepreneur.

The Customer

Affiliate marketing starts with the potential customer. There are several ways marketers may try to attract them. They could decide to manage a website and gain traction from organic traffic. Other methods may include leveraging social media followers and creating reviews and tutorials. However, the golden rule is that in any medium, potential customers must be provided with something of value.

Value can take several different forms. Usually, it can be advice on how to solve problems, for example, how can they look more like their favorite celebrity using makeup. If not, then it is usually to save money or get something for the best price. This could include everything from the cheapest Black Friday products to introductory offers on certain services.

One great example of affiliate marketing in action comes from the iGaming industry. As new countries and states open up to this fairly modern phenomenon, online casinos know the power that independent voices recommending and reviewing their products can bring. This has created a whole industry of online reviews for gambling and sports betting sites. For example, BonusFinder US is a site that consistently looks for the best weekly bonuses in these new markets. You can view their page here and see what the best one is for residents in Ohio, a new market, this week. By using this,…


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