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Using affiliate marketing to break new global ground

Luggage is not something many people spend a lot of time pondering. You can either afford Louis Vuitton or you can’t, and the rest is much of a muchness – flimsy suitcases sold at a premium and replaced every few years depending on how much you travel.

Australian luggage brand, July, is looking to change all this. July exists as an opportunity to fix a broken industry. Frequent travellers and founders, Athan Didaskalou and Richard Li, saw a category selling poorly designed products at extreme premiums and wanted to fix it.

At its inception, the business asked: Why were the consumer’s only choices cheap bags, or expensive luxury items?

After speaking with hundreds of regular travellers to find out the key pain points and desires in luggage, they launched July in late 2018 with their first product, the Carry-On. This was followed by Checked and Checked Plus in July 2019.

July’s ambition is to bring better design and thinking around how people travel, elevating the standard from buying the product to a more considered experience of design and service. As its general manager, Zhoe Low, highlighted, all July’s luggage has a lifetime warranty. The suitcases could initially be personalised with names or emojis and from October, personalised with pets as well.

Now in its fourth year of operation, the company primarily ships to Australia and New Zealand. As part of growth plans, July decided last year to launch in the US. However, as a brand which neither discounts nor goes on sale, not to mention launching at a time when travel was restricted, July needed a different strategy for this market. The plan was set: July would rely heavily on PR and affiliate marketing to break into the US market.

July was no…


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