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We gave ChatGPT and top Google searches, this is what we got : Goa News

The Indian Express | 19 hours ago | 07-01-2023 | 02:40 pm

We gave ChatGPT and top Google searches, this is what we got

In 2022, AI trumped all technology when it came to offering some of the most detailed and tailored results to users’ specific needs. ChatGPT, which was unveiled in 2019 by tech innovator OpenAI, made waves on the internet with its accurate responses, explanatory replies and unique ways to deal with complex queries. Similarly,, a search engine that stood out for offering users more control and enhanced privacy features, pushed the envelope by integrating AI generated responses to queries.While everyone is used to Google searches, we tried using some of the most popular Google search queries on ChatGPT and, to see how these new platforms handle questions. Here’s what we found.To this simple and practical query, ChatGPT offered a piece of easy-to-consume information within a fraction of a second. The bot explained the process in a step-by-step manner along with some caveats for users.ChatGPT: To delete your Instagram account:1.Go to your profile and tap the three lines in the upper right corner.2.Tap “Settings” and then tap “Privacy and Security”.3.Scroll down and tap “Delete Your Account”.4.Select a reason from the dropdown menu and tap “Next”.5.Re-enter your password and tap “Permanently delete my account”.Please note that once your account is deleted, it cannot be undone. All your photos, comments, and likes will be permanently removed.When the same search was conducted on, we found that the search result page (SERP) showed some 8.8 crore results including help centre pages from Instagram, Reddit explainers, and results gathered from other portals such as MSN and WikiHow. On the other hand, the chatbot on, sprang a similar response to ChatGPT.YouChat: “To delete your Instagram account permanently [1],…


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