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What The Next Era Of Influencer Marketing Could Look Like

VP of Marketing and Strategy at Linqia, Keith is a leading voice in the intersection of marketing and technology.


The age of “Influencer 1.0” is coming to a close, and we are entering a new era … the era of Influencer 2.0. Let’s take a deeper look at advancements that could drive a global industry that hit over $16 billion in value this year, according to Statista (paywall).

The Rise Of Creators

There has been a lot of chatter in the industry over the last year about the difference between influencers and creators. The shortest explanation I can provide is that a creator makes their living off of the content they create, whereas an influencer makes their living off of the influence they have on audiences. A creator can be someone who makes high-quality content, humorous content or entertaining content that is valuable for a brand to use across their channels. An influencer could be a parent giving parenting advice, or a health care professional educating patients. Their value to a brand is how influential their message is with the desired audience. A creator can be an influencer, but that isn’t always the case.

I think Influencer 2.0 is going to see brands work with a lot more professional creators with the goal of generating high-quality content that would normally require significant production resources to execute. If social media becomes more about entertainment and less about social connections, the best content that is fully optimized for the channel is going to win. Creator content could be used well beyond the social walls of the creators, which leads us to our second key pillar of Influencer 2.0 …

Going Beyond Social

Influencer 1.0 was heavily about working with influencers to create content for their feeds and the beginning of using that content for paid social. Influencer 2.0 is likely…


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