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what trends will define the affiliate industry in India?

During 2022, affiliate marketing continued to grow in the India region, driven by the fast-paced increase of the e-commerce market and the emergence of innovative publishing channels. Brands are no longer content with the simple benefits of the CPA model. Recent regulatory changes and new challenges for the global economy are forcing them to choose platforms with innovative tracking solutions and full transparency. The affiliate market is changing rapidly.

The CPA model enhances consumers’ shopping experience and generates more revenue for the partners involved. Merchants (advertisers) gain loyal customers and increase sales. Publishers including content creators and services owners earn money from every transaction, while shoppers enjoy better deals. Neha Kulwal, Managing Director of Admitad APAC, takes a look at some leading trends reshaping the affiliate marketing business, regionally and globally.

Social selling and influencer channels will continue to grow

Social media influencers, celebrities, and social selling techniques have grown as publishers in the past years. The leading merchants (advertisers) in the region are more and more focused on social channels leading to a burst in short product promotional videos by Indian influencers, live commerce streams, and broadcasts.

As a result, various advertisers report that such publishers now contribute nearly half of the sales generated in affiliate marketing channels. The channels most utilized in India are YouTube and Facebook, with Telegram rising, while Instagram seems to be less important in this context.

In the social selling sphere, discount coupon codes in India are currently the leading method used by social sellers to drive sales to merchants. In addition, Admitad observes a growing awareness regarding better tracking and transparency…


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