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Who is Andrew Tate, the misogynist hero to millions of young men?

“THIS IS WHAT happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,” tweeted Greta Thunberg on December 30th, following the arrest of Andrew Tate on suspicion of human trafficking, forming an organised crime group and rape. Three days before, Mr Tate had trolled the teenage environmentalist on Twitter about how many cars he owned. After Ms Thunberg asked him to email her at “[email protected]” Mr Tate released a bizarre video response, in which he goaded her with non-recycled takeaway containers. Rumours that prosecutors in Romania—where he was sheltering—had tracked him down via those pizza boxes, appear to be misplaced.

The British-American former kickboxer rose to fame after a brief stint on the British version of “Big Brother”, a reality television show, in 2016. He was booted off that programme after a video emerged of him appearing to attack a woman with a belt. Styling himself as a self-help guru for young men, he went on to become a mainstay of alt-right online spaces, which propelled him to social-media fame. In video clips posted to TikTok, the 36-year-old outlines a worldview that includes his preference for dating only 18- and 19-year-old women, his belief that rape victims should “bear responsibility” for their assaults, and a defence of Donald Trump’s admission in 2005 that he likes grabbing women “by the pussy”. By the time Mr Tate was eventually banned from the platform in August 2022, videos of him had been viewed 11.6bn times.

Mr Tate is part of a chauvinistic online ecosystem, and has hung out with the likes of Alex Jones, a prominent conspiracy-theorist, Donald Trump Jr, the former president’s eldest son, and Paul Joseph Watson, a far-right YouTuber. But what sets Mr Tate apart from other alt-right social-media personalities and previous anti-feminist online movements is…


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