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Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2022 – Growth, Trends and Top Categories


Affiliate Marketing Statistics: Affiliate marketing allows you to make a steady income by promoting other people’s products. This sector has helped many risk-takers and avengers of money earners to reap profits in this segment. Affiliate Marketing Statistics will help us to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

The stats in this article will speak louder than the article.

Affiliate marketing has been a popular strategy to generate sales and revenue since its explosion in popularity in 2000. Since the inception of the internet, affiliate marketing has been around for a while and is now experiencing a surge in popularity. Statistics and trends show that affiliate marketing will continue to be popular.

These stats will help you understand the power and potential of affiliate marketing.

Key Affiliate Marketing Statistics:

  • Affiliate programs are used by 81% of businesses to grow their revenue.
  • As of right now, affiliate marketing is worth $12 billion.
  • Affiliate programs account for 30% of the company’s revenue.
  • Affiliate programs can generate between 15%-30% in sales for advertisers and marketers.
  • Only 3% of affiliate marketers earn over $150k annually, while 48.36% are making $20k each year.
  • 15% of companies’ marketing budgets have been allocated to affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing is used by around 84% of content producers to monetize their website traffic.
  • Most affiliate marketers only promote 1-10 products.
  • 84% of bloggers use Affiliate Marketing to Grow Their Audience.
  • 84% of publishers use Affiliate Marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing is used by 80% of brands to generate leads.
  • 40% of marketers believe that affiliate marketing is an essential skill.
  • 73% of merchants stated that their affiliate income met their needs.
  • The content pool of affiliate marketers has increased by…


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