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Andrew Tate ‘tried to recruit Romanian politician’s daughter to webcam operation when she was 16’

The daughter of a Romanian politician and TV mogul has claimed Andrew Tate tried to recruit her to his lurid webcam operation when she was just 16 years old.

Daria Gusa, the daughter of political analyst, journalist and businessman Cozmin Gusa, said she received a message online from the influencer who was arrested last week as part of a probe into alleged sex crimes and human trafficking.

Daria, now 19, said she turned down his direct offer to go out with him and said she is amazed it has taken so long for the authorities to crack down on his operation, with two of his ‘angels’ also arrested in the raid.

Prosecutors say Tate and his brother Tristan allegedly recruited women on social media platforms and persuaded them to travel to their £600,000 bolthole by falsely professing love for them, before forcing them to perform on webcams.  

Daria Gusa (pictured) has claimed Andrew Tate tried to recruit her to his lurid webcam operation when she was just 16 years old

It comes as neighbours near Tate’s Romanian hideaway claim dozens of young men from Britain and the US travelled to the secretive site where at least eight women were performing on webcam sites at any time throughout the day and night.

Daria told Romanian site Realitatea Plus: ‘I had just created an account on Instagram when I received a message, quite suggestive, in which Andrew Tate basically asked me to go out with him.

‘I then asked my other colleagues, who had received similar messages, because it seemed strange to me that someone with millions of followers would contact me, who had 200. 

‘Another colleague continued to chat with him and invited her directly to go out with him, basically it was the “loverboy” method, he applied it to girls from Ilfov or Prahova, from areas as close as possible to his home.’

Daria said she does not believe she was…


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