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Central Texas museum teams up with the Smithsonian to advance programs, resources and exhibits

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – The Mayborn Museum Complex at Baylor University became one of 13 museums in Texas to join the Smithsonian Affiliate Program, creating collaboration opportunities to advance programs, resources and exhibits for the Central Texas community.

“I think a lot of people in the museum industry kind of consider the Smithsonian, especially in America, at the top,” Mayborn Museum’s Marketing Coordinator, Molly Noah, said. “…To kind of be recognized by them as an institution and for them to want to collaborate and partner with us, I think it’s a huge deal for us.”

She said the museum applied for the prestigious program this year. She said museums are accepted into the program if they show they take care of inventory and collections and if they follow standard processes. Noah also said the program looks for museums that have community outreach.

“I think museums that are doing a lot of really great community work, sort of like what we’ve been doing for the past several years but also takes really great care of their collection,” Noah said.

The status will allow the museum to collaborate on programs with the Smithsonian, especially youth programs. It also opens up opportunities for the Mayborn Museum to host traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian, workshops, professional development opportunities and communication with other museums in the program.

“I think we’re really excited just about the amount of resources that we’re going to be able to kind of use and expand on, but I think also really excited to be an advocate for Central Texas history and culture to the Smithsonian and the wider museum world,” Noah said.

She said they already began their first phase of partnership. It is called the Earth Optimism, Youth Action and Leadership Program, and coordinators from the museum will go…


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