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Project Platinum Reviews – Robby Blanchard Clickbank Platinum Training Course System

Since its inception over two decades ago, ClickBank has become one of the best online business management tools. The platform offers users a global affiliate marketplace, trusted e-commerce tools, and industry-leading customer support and education to help entrepreneurs build their businesses globally. ClickBank helps start, scale, and expand users’ business reach, bringing together over 100,000 sellers and affiliates to boost the users’ income and revenue.

Recently, the company launched its ClickBank Platinum Program, an exclusive community reserved for the top 1% of ClickBank’s affiliates and sellers. The exclusive community helps the sellers and affiliates reach an even bigger global audience and offers an opportunity for affiliates to make up to $250,000 a year. To qualify for the ClickBank Platinum Program, the sellers and affiliates must generate at least $250,000 in sales annually through ClickBank. The Platinum Program usually has two intakes to add members to the exclusive community.

While the rules to make it to the Platinum Program seem hard to reach, one of the top affiliates on ClickBank, Robby Blanchard, is offering a course to help anyone reach the $ 250,000 mark and join the exclusive seller and affiliate community. Over the years, Robby has helped many people qualify for ClickBank Platinum, with the students grossing over $100 million on ClickBank.

The brand new “Robby Blanchard” Platinum Course

The new ClickBank Project Platinum course is designed to help affiliates and sellers earn a healthy income, no matter their experience or level of expertise. Starting in 2023, the updated course will include several tools and training to enable affiliate and seller participants on ClickBank to make well over $250,000 annually. The courses include updated traffic source…


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