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State of the Blog 2023

By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder

Since WCI began in 2011, we have published a State of the Blog each January reporting on our progress toward our goals. As the enterprise has expanded over the years, these posts have become lengthier. This year we’re going to try to do what took >6,300 words last year in fewer than 3,000.


Thank You!

First, we want to thank each and every one of you readers, listeners, viewers, students, attendees, and community members. Without you, there is no WCI. YOU are the white coat investors. We love hearing about your successes and trying to help you through your challenges. There are literally hundreds of thousands of you out there, helping each other to have successful personal, professional, and financial lives. You deserve a round of applause. On a personal note: without you, Katie and I would have never had this incredible adventure that WCI has been in our lives for more than a decade. We truly believe in the Vision and the Mission of The White Coat Investor.


The Vision of The White Coat Investor

“To serve as the most trusted, authoritative, and useful resource for financial information and services

for doctors and other high earners.”


The Mission of The White Coat Investor

“To strengthen and support The White Coat Investor community on the path to financial success by

#1 Providing engaging, useful, and accurate content and 

#2 Connecting white coat investors with best-in-class financial resources

to empower the creation of meaningful personal and professional lives.”


We hope that WCI will live on for many years after we are done working here, whenever that might be.


2022 Accomplishments and Notable Events

We’ll go category by category.


The Blog

Year 12. We’re still here. I’m still writing my usual number of blog posts each year (about 100). It’s…


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