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The Elevate Summit Vol 1: B2B Affiliate Programs: How to Elevate your B2B affiliate partnerships and drive more sales to your brands

B2B Affiliate Programs: How to Elevate your B2B affiliate partnerships and drive more sales to your brands

We’re back and raring to go! In our first podcast of the season, Lee-Ann is discussing B2B affiliate programs and how they differ from brand to brand marketing. She will be joined by, not one guest, but many industry peers that all weigh in with their insights on the matter as we launch volume 1 of a set of panels from our Elevate Summit.

Joining Lee-Ann this week is Nikita Zhitkevich, Director of Channel Partnerships at PartnerStack, Jason Lilien, Senior Director at All Inclusive Marketing, Robin Albrecht, Affiliate Partnerships Manager in Digital Marketing at BigCommerce, and Marthe Berlin, Publisher Director at Keep listening for some intriguing insights to the affiliate marketing industry.

So, what are the different B2B marketing elements that you can explore as a business? Should you go with B2B marketing, brand to brand marketing, partnerships, collaborations? We’re breaking them all down here for you to come to the best conclusion.

B2B marketing

B2B marketing is used as an umbrella term for the many pockets of affiliate marketing that can occur between different businesses. But when you pull the idea apart you might come away with different concepts.

As it stands, B2B marketing is for B2B businesses. Businesses that have a product or service for other businesses and therefore need to market directly to them. The differences between this and other affiliate marketing concepts will become obvious as we go.

For the basics, it is best to compare it to B2C marketing. B2C, or business to customer, marketing, is what we all know best: a company trying to sell the everyday consumer something. When adapting from B2C to B2B it mainly comes down to perspective in your language. All your…


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