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Using PPC Data to Build Your Business & Marketing Strategy

Using PPC marketing data is the perfect way to drive your online marketing strategy.  Your PPC person or team controls information that everyone in the company from marketing to product, and customer support to PR can use.  This is because the PPC team has insight into what customers are looking for before they know about your brand, where they research this information, the demographics that engage with your ads, and the long tail phrases your customers are using.

On top of this, PPC data gives you the information needed to build a business case, complete with revenue numbers, so you can forecast the ROI of a campaign.  This can grow other budgets including marketing, logistics and customer support.

Using PPC data is always better than creating content and strategies that you think are relevant, but you can’t make projections with because you don’t have data. For the sake of this post, PPC includes Google/YouTube, Bing Ads, as well as some media buying platforms.

Pro-tip: Working with the PPC person or agency is the strategy I use to build bridges between teams, and scale companies that hire us for digital and traditional marketing strategy.  If the PPC person or team is not willing to share information, the entire organization suffers.  Not just marketing.

Here’s how using a PPC first approach can impact all departments in a company to grow your bottom line.

TL:DR: The third section is probably the most helpful in this post.  If you read that first and find it useful, then read the others.

Keywords That Aren’t Profitable But Still Convert

When keywords convert but aren’t profitable, they normally get turned off by the PPC team and that’s the end of it.  But that isn’t the best use of this data.

These keywords are still profitable for SEO because there is no cost per click, just the…


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